Text Box: SCA Offices
	Barony of Adiantum Archery Marshal 2000-2004
	Prince of the Principality of the Summits 2001
	Captain of the Bow (Principality of the Summits Royal Archer) 2002-2006
	Principality of the Summits Order of Precedence Herald 2003-2005
	Principality of the Summits Cup Bearer (Principality Royal Councilor) 2006-2007
	An Tir Earl Marshal 20011 - present

SCA Authorizations & Warrants
	Heavy Combat 1994-Present	(An Tir, Calontir, & Drachenwald)
	Senior Heavy Marshal 1999-Present
	Senior Light Marshal 2002-Present (Target, Combat, & thrown weapons)
	Rapier combat 2004-Present
	Junior Rapier Marshal 2011-Present

SCA Awards
	Shield of Chivalry (Principality of the Summits Coronet List) 2000
	Order of the Gryphon's Sword (2nd in Summits Coronet List) 2000
	Award of Arms 2000
	Grail of the Summits (Principality Service Award) 2000
	An Tir Archery Top 10 Medallion 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004 (LB, XB, PXB, TW, Darts)
	Viscounty (Principality of the Summits) 2001
	Order of the Goutte de sang (Kingdom of An Tir Service Grant) 2002
	Order of the Jambe de Lion (Kingdom of An Tir A&S Grant) 2002
	Order of the Vigilant Bear (Barony of Adiantum - Martial) 2002
	Order of the Grey Goose Shaft (Kingdom of An Tir Archery Grant) 2003
	Grail of the Summits (Principality A&S Award) 2004
	Principality of the Summits Throne's Favor 2004
	Principality of the Summits Throne's Favor 2005
	Order of the Laurel 2006
	Royal Armourer of An Tir 2007
	Lion’s Heart 2007
	Popular Company of Sojourners (Kingdom of Drachenwald) 2008
	Order of Chivalry 2009

SCA Championships
	Summits Defender (Principality of the Summits Heavy Champion) 2000-2001
	Captain of Eagles (Principality of the Summits Archery Champion) 2000-2001
	Archery Champion (Barony of Terra Pomaria) 2001-2002
	Alpine Scholar (Principality of the Summits A&S Champion) 2002-2003
	Captain of Cats (Principality of the Summits Rapier Champion) 2004-2005
	Kingdom of An Tir Arts & Science Champion 2006-2007

SCA Projects
	Barony of Adiantum Castle Design & Construction 2001
	Principality of the Summits Illustrated Armorial 2001-2005
	Autocrat Summits Summer Investiture 2002
	Teaching - Riveted Maille Class 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
	‘Cathedral’ Design and Construction 2004
	Teaching - Archery Testing Project Class 2004. 2005, 2006
	Principality of the Summits Prince & Princess Coronets Design 2004
	Principality of the Summits Thrones Design & Construction 2006
	Sport of Kings - Deed of Arms 2011

	Drury College (Springfield, Missouri) 1990-1995
		Bachelor of Architecture, minors in Photography & Art/Architecture History
	Edinburgh College of Arts (Edinburgh, Scotland) 2007-2008	
		Master of Architecture
Text Box: Viscount Sir Matheus Bane  OL
(mka Matt Sugarbaker)

3629 NE 67th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97313
Email: matheus@thesugarbakers.net
Website: thesugarbakers.net

Kingdom of An Tir
Barony of Three Mountains
Society for Creative Anachronism  - Member Since 1995 # 113900
Text Box: Arms registered in 2001